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Hub China is an international state-level innovative incubator chain. It is devoted to providing entrepreneurs with key entrepreneurial resources and service and, assisting them with starting startups. This is a station where entrepreneurs could exchange their entrepreneurial values; this is a youth hostel where entrepreneurs could accommodate; this is the last fortress where entrepreneurs could stick out. 

















After more than a decade’s management and accumulation, Hub China has assembled tremendous social resources and investment resources. What’s more, it is able to help in project evaluation and further entrepreneurial guidance. All these are made to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.


Precisely, the key service Hub China provides including company registration, office space, MB broadband access, free voice call and video call at home and abroad, basic office equipment, customer information input system, labor union service and so on. Besides the service mentioned above which makes a startup a mechanism complete one, Hub China also does good at project diagnosing, professional entrepreneurial training, fundraising, roadshows, media and business resource bridging, recruitment, finance and law service. At the same time, thanks to the cooperating between Hub China and UNITY, startups may take a short cut in developing platform aspect. What’s more, as to startups which are eligible for certain government subsidies or preferential policies, Hub China will help them get it. 


Hub China performs quite nice in these years. So far, 15 graduated companies are over 100 million RMB, some of them are even more than 5 billion RMB. To help more entrepreneurs, also invited by local governments, Hub China has begun to set up branches across China. Foshan Station, which is located in Guangdong, a province in South China has been prepared to build.

Internationally, Hub China cooperates with Silicon Valley, Imperial College, Cambridge University and Israel National Incubator. In terms of activities, global 1776 entrepreneur contest, the Start-up competition by Nanjing TV Station and Beijing Municipal Entrepreneur Contest. For each of the activities, the number of participate startups surpasses 2000 with 200 recommend at the end. Besides prizes and medals, some even get angel investment.


The tenet of Hub China is to shape entrepreneurial spirit, promote entrepreneurial culture and nurture entrepreneurial soil. Our objective is to establish an entrepreneurial incubator system internationally, through which incubators, entrepreneurs and social resources could collide with other, so that stronger incubating power will be available.




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