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Shijingshan Station

Hub China Shijingshan Station is focused on business incubating. It is not only an international chain store, but also a state-level innovative incubator. It provides essential entrepreneurial resources and service, assisting startups grow up quickly.

Shijingshan Station is located at the 4th floor of Yuquan Building, just around the Yuquan Road subway exit. Other transportation, such as bus, taxi and railway are all accessible. Besides, nearby, there are public parks, universities like University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute for High Energy Physics, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. All of these could secure that entrepreneurs enjoy efficient and convenient service.

Baoding Station (Hubbd)

Hubbd was founded in August, 2014. Supported by Beijing Municipal Organization Department, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Administration, Zhongguancun Science Park and Baoding Municipal Government, Beijing Shijingshan District Government and former Baoding Beishi District Government co-built it. Hubbd is operated by Hub China. It is an important exploration of district entrepreneur ecosystem practiced by Ivy Entrepreneurship Research Center. It is an innovative station aimed to develop Baoding’s rich human resources and delivery innovative entrepreneurs for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province as well as accelerate “Jing-Jin-Ji integration development”.

Fangshan Station

In line with national double-support policy and accelerating establishing “four-crowd”(mass entrepreneur, crowdsourcing, crowdingsupporting, crowdfunding) platforms, with the support of Beijing Municipal Organization Department, Zhongguancun Administration, Fangshan District Government and other related departments, Zhongguancun Demobilized Soldier Entrepreneur (Fangshan) Park has been set out successfully by Hub China Demobilized Soldier Station, which is in the charge of the park. Hub China Demobilized Soldier Station (or Hub China), based on  Zhongguancun Demobilized Soldier Entrepreneur (Fangshan) Park, actively explores the demobilized soldier entrepreneur ecosystem, practices national double-support policy, helps demobilized soldiers to start startups innovatively and tries to find out the best development way for both demobilized soldiers and common people.

Focused on the demobilized soldiers’ characteristics, through establishing entrepreneur circumstances and social network for them, Hub China provides them with specific entrepreneurial service, guides them to find out the right entrepreneur path and development strategy and helps them adopt to and get used to entrepreneurial environment and rules to guarantee high success rate. What’s more, Hub China coordinates many parties to bring out supporting policies for those demobilized soldiers, consolidates resources which are helpful to demobilized soldiers’ entrepreneur, helps them find out the right entrepreneur projects and takes the lead to establish all-dimensional entrepreneur service system.

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