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Jun Lei

CEO of Xiaomi

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, is a famous angel investor in mainland China. In December 2012, Mr. Lei won the "China Economic Person of the Year Award for cutting-edge." Lei Jun, Haidian District, a former two-time CPPCC Beijing Municipal People's Congress elected in 2012, was elected representative in February 2013 National People's Congress


Jing Lin

CEO of JiaXun

Lin Jing, Master of business administration(MBA). In 1995, Lin Jing founded Beijing Telelink Feihong Electric Corporation with several partners. In early days, they established a quality management system in accordance with ISO9000 standards through continuous practice, establish a sound management system and certified by gjb. Within a few years, JiaXun established a includes "information, talent flow, funds flow, material flow", "high standards and strict requirements, efficient" management control system, established in accordance with modern enterprise management. served as member of the Beijing Municipal People's political consultative conference, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Standing Committee, federations, Haidian District, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises Association, Association of private entrepreneurs, such as Executive Vice President of the Office.

QiangDong Liu

CEO of Jingdong Mall

Liu Qiangdong, graduated from Department of Sociology, Renmin University of China. On June 18, 1998, in Zhongguancun of Beijing East company, sales agent of magneto-optical products, and serves as General Manager. In early 2004, he stepped into electronic commerce, and founded "Jingdong multimedia network" (the predecessor of Jingdong Mall), and served as CEO. Now CEO of Jingdong Mall. 2011 access to Chinese business leaders Awards, December 12, 2011, the 12th China economic person of the year

ChuanZhi Liu

Chairman and President of Legend Holdings Limited

Mr Liu graduated from XI ' an, the military College of Telecommunication Engineering (predecessor of Xidian University), engineer. Current Chairman and President of Legend Holdings Limited, Lenovo Group Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, CCP 16, 17 representatives, nine or ten sessions, plenary session of the national people's Congress. In more than 20 years of business life, as active exploration and practice of the reform of science and technology of China, Mr LIU Chuanzhi, dare to break through the shackles of the old system, lead Lenovo broke through the minds of researchers of long-term bondage of tradition represented by planned, walked a path with associative characteristics of high-tech industrialization. As the company's top policy makers and managers, who hold high the flag of national computer industry, based on local initiative to explore the industry and enterprise, in competition with foreign Giants win in one fell swoop, not only established the Lenovo's leading position in the Chinese market, and promote the development of a large number of national IT enterprises

WeiYing Zhang

Dean at Peking University

Zhang weiying, now the Dean at Peking University's Guanghua School of management, Professor of Economics, Director of network economy Research Center of Peking University. PhD in economics at Oxford University, for more than 20 years, and his position as an independent scholar, actively engaged in the practice of China's reform in the torrents. He was one of the earliest scholars presented and dual-track pricing system demonstration reform; his business theories and theories about enterprise reform in academia, government departments and the business community at home and abroad have wide-ranging implications. He served or serving concurrent posts include: Chief Economist of the China entrepreneurs Forum; national approval system reform members of the Expert Committee of the State Council; the State informatization Committee member functions

Qi Xiangdong

President of qihoo

Qi Xiangdong, graduated from Department of Changchun University of posts and telecommunications radio communication, University MBA. Took office in September 2005 decision between company CEO, is responsible for the overall operation of the company, marketing strategy formulation and implementation. Previously, Qi Xiangdong, Vice President and General Manager of 3,721 of Yahoo China, responsible for the contents of the Yahoo China site planning, operations, marketing, and 3,721 overall corporate strategic planning for the implementation of operations and public affairs.

Gang Liu

CEO of Hub China

Liu Gang is Beijing Youth Entrepreneurs Association vice president, Shijingshan District Chamber of  Commerce vice president, vice    president, Shijingshan District Overseas Friendship Association, 2010 model  workers in Beijing. His explore and summarizing their entrepreneurial  ventures and expansion of social networks deviate from the theoretical design of  Pioneer  Park was named Ivy League second batch of   independent     innovation   demonstration zone of Zhongguancun innovation incubator. Mr.   Liu Gang is  familiar with the basic theory of entrepreneurship, stick building  is conducive to  entrepreneurial enterprise social network, now he has begun to have a very wide  range of entrepreneurial sector, the investment community, social networks, repeatedly push in favor of institution building support entrepreneurship, supporting for a number of start-ups are entered a rapid growth phase and was listed company mergers and acquisitions.

Bing Yang

Economics and management of Tsinghua University

Yang bin, doctor of science in management in 1992, graduated from Tsinghua University. Current Tsinghua University School of Economics and management, Tsinghua University, Secretary of Director of the Center for leadership studies, Qinghua-Harvard-central cooperative SEPC (Senior Executive Programme) project associate academic Director, focusing on organizational leadership and corporate and social areas such as research, teaching, and training. The China enterprises Federation and China entrepreneurs Association Executive Director; member of Chinese society of management modernization, Deputy Secretary-General. Is currently the Ministry of Commerce of China Association of enterprises with foreign investment Working Committee on investment companies (ECFIC) Advisor appointment, China Enterprise Confederation of national management consultant test Expert Committee, the United States Academy of management (AOM) membership. 1997-2005, Yang bin has been employed by the Ministry of education as national MBA entrance exam topic experts. As the responsible Professor or academic advisor, Yang bin of China Mobile and China Construction Bank, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China life insurance, the State Sports General Administration, Beijing Olympic Organising Committee, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Everbright Bank, with nuctech Hong Yuan securities, companies and institutions, such as the design and implementation of leadership development, integrated management companies on the subject of custom projects.

Tony Featherstone

University of Cambridge biotechnology and pharmaceutical research

The Cambridge University Tony FeatherstoneDr. Tony while on bio-pharmaceutical international marketing   skills.Dr. Tony at   Cambridge University degree in biology, Cambridge MEDIMARK's International Business Director. Become familiar with the development of the bio- pharmaceutical industry trends, familiar with  international business development.

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