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1776 Incubator access dandelion international youth Inn

On September 12, 2013, the internationally known incubation organization 1776lai visit dandelions international youth entrepreneurship Coaching Inn. Shijingshan district, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Hana, dandelion international youth venture post Chairman Wu Jianzhong, Liu gang, General Manager and founder Donna Harris 1776 incubator, Washington officials David Zipper, Alice Wang Washington Embassy officials were friendly and lively interaction. Both Exchange business training, work, discussing start-up contest for ideas. Dandelion international youth venture post will send personnel to 1776 for visits. Dandelion transnational management of international youth entrepreneurship Coaching Inn is committed to providing the entrepreneurs with the best entrepreneurial experience. United States 1776 incubator is the world's leading incubators of organization, was established in January 2013, is the United States incubator industry is a rising star.

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