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Cambridge biologist teaching Zhongguancun seed enterprises

September 26, 2013 biology Cambridge, Dr Tony Featherstone at the Golden seed Secretariat for seed enterprises fine speeches. Tony from the development of biomedical technologies in Cambridge up, Cambridge biotechnology innovation and application for the Golden seed companies do a detailed description. From viruses to DNA technology to the development of cancer control, Tony explains the specific products, technologies. Tony biomedical technology was introduced in the United Kingdom, the rules for market expansion in Europe and the main features of Golden seeds offers a brand new way of enterprise internationalization. After the seed company has very effective communication with the instructor. Golden seed project of Zhongguancun is a national independent innovation demonstration zone in Zhongguancun start-ups providing support engineering, internationalization of start-ups is the Golden seed project is very concerned about the important work of Golden seeds project secretariat will organize enterprises to actively communicate with international companies, research institutions, for domestic small and medium enterprise internationalization attempts to provide effective

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