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Dandelion, Xicheng District, Beijing, Chaoyang District Social Insurance Office of human resources l

On October 9, 2013, the talent Center, Xicheng District Clerk Zhao yaping, Qi Zhengwei Chaoyang District Employment Service Center comes to dandelion Inn international youth entrepreneurship research entrepreneurial base of university graduates, Shijingshan district, Shijingshan District Social Security Bureau Chen Aijie, Deputy Secretary of human resources, provisioning section, Zhao Songtao take part in group discussions. Forum graduates experience on the base were made by Liu gang, head of both graduate business start-up assistance, different types of graduates in the form of in-depth discussions on issues such as business needs. The area leaders say, Shijingshan district graduates based service model to help college students to address key issues in the entrepreneurial process, graduates work in this area will be introduced. Now has over more than 50 college graduates began their careers in the dandelion international youth Inn Road. Graduates or students and entrepreneurs moved into bases in addition to access to social security, training and other government subsidies, also receive business counseling, Office space, market-oriented services such as social networking and financing opportunities

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