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11th Zhongguancun Golden seed engineering project promotion

On October 10, 2013, the 11th Zhongguancun Golden seed engineering project held a seminar in Beijing Jade Palace Hotel. This promotion period to entrepreneurial mentor of Qi Xiangdong, President of qihoo 360; the northern lights of ten investment institutions and had six venture firms to participate in this promotion.

Introduction according to the Management Committee of Zhongguancun, to further improve the innovation environment, in-depth implementation of Zhongguancun "shibaiqian engineering" and "Gazelle plan" focusing on cultivating engineering on the basis of release in 2011 to implement key support for start-ups in Zhongguancun "Golden seeds project", formed at different stages of development policy support system of the enterprise. Golden seed project aims to gather a group of entrepreneurial mentor of Zhongguancun, attracting a number of angel investors, integrating a number of business services, to build up a pool of gold seed enterprises, to further improve the Zhongguancun venture service system, promote the innovation of Zhongguancun culture, optimizing Zhongguancun innovation environment.

CMC staff also pointed out that the Golden seed company now has more than 190 companies successful financing totaling 1.5 billion yuan, through the construction of Golden seeds, and drove nearly 500 companies, brings together more than more than 80 business mentors and more than 60 venture capital institutions, implements integrates various business resources promoting the purpose of the venture enterprise's rapid development. Hope during the national day is approaching, Zhongguancun gold project promotion with 11th seed engineering to achieve more good results, further expansion of the Golden seed project of Zhongguancun's social influence.

Golden seed project of Zhongguancun joint secretariat staff briefed the participating parties on tour, and shared to promote achievements. Golden seed engineering project promotion of Zhongguancun is a service launched by the Zhongguancun science and Technology Park measures aimed at strengthening business communication and relationship with the Government and investors, speeding up the progress of corporate finance, Enterprise best projects, further promote innovation and entrepreneurship of Zhongguancun service, create the best risk investment and financing platform of Zhongguancun. Has successfully hosted the first ten of promotion, a total of 103 companies to investment consultants showed off her project, of which nearly 30 enterprise projects and investment institutions reached a cooperation intention. Zhongguancun Golden seed project co-the future will be to optimize project promotion process, gradually introduce media consultant, enhanced publicity support for that golden seed enterprises and Golden seed project of Zhongguancun joint will also develop a network to promote new forms of communication such as seeds, gold APP, set up business with the Government and investors more timely and efficient communication channels.

Golden seed project of Zhongguancun 11th project promotion invited qihoo 360, Qi Xiangdong, President of Investment Advisory Group Chief Adviser. Qi Xiangdong of Zhongguancun Golden seed project mentor, is also a well-known representative of Internet innovation, rich experience to become a model of many Internet entrepreneurs. "Adequate preparation, excellent presentations, in-depth communication, unlimited potential" Xiangdong qi is the promotion evaluations.

The seminar's theme is "mobile Internet innovation dream", a total of six companies a chance to promote projects to investment advisors, each of them is Heng jiaxin (Beijing) technology co, easily washes the sky network technology (Beijing) Co Ltd, Beijing Qing Ke liye technology limited liability company and other companies. The upslope of these enterprises is in rapid development, which washes the sky network technology (Beijing) co is typical of such enterprises. A number of overseas returnees had embraced innovation dream, formed one of the earliest ecommerce integration with dining and entertainment, the combination of logistics delivery service platform, the company has received $ 6 million in a round of financing in the early. Several investment promotion agencies to easily washes the sky series b financing needs expressed a keen interest in it. CEO Yang Zhang Yi Tao stars said the promotion by Golden seeds to this platform, won a close chance to communicate with your supervisor on the one hand, get instructor teaching; the other hand can simultaneously show strength in front of several investment institutions, significant savings in corporate financing costs, speed up the progress of corporate finance. Thank Administration Committee of Zhongguancun, thanks Golden seed project build such a good investment and financing platform for the enterprise.

This promotion period to attract northern lights, such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson, inspired Angel ten well-known venture capital firm. They not only listened to the enterprise project, make recommendations to the enterprise, after the meeting with companies on specific projects and intensive interaction on financing needs. Aurora Borealis, Zhang Peng, Deputy, the reason so much attention and active participation in Zhongguancun Golden seed engineering project promotion activities, mainly because of the participants of the project in terms of innovative business models, are showing impressive strength team. Promotion subscribe to a topic per issue and examining system also helps investors sort out checks, making the whole promotion more targeted and effective. Golden 11th seed engineering project of Zhongguancun seminar held successfully, will attract more excellent innovative start-ups to join Golden seeds family. Golden seed project of Zhongguancun will pay more attention to the needs of start-ups and help start-up companies grow rapidly, further perfect the service system for Zhongguancun, optimizing environment of Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship.

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