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Israel National Congress Secretary-General met with Liu and his party

Commissioned by the Mayor of Tel Aviv, invited by the Management Committee of Zhongguancun, dandelion international youth entrepreneurship Inn General Manager Liu gang led six companies to visit Israel, in Tel Aviv after the relevant government officials, entrepreneurs, students, party of four, visited Israel Parliament, Secretary-General Mr Ronen Plot with Congress for over an hour of Exchange. Congress Secretary-General first and personal resume briefly, Secretary-General, Mr Liu came to Israel and the Israel cultural understanding. Collision are mainly the following points: 1, Secretary General Mr Israel national migration of 1 million people, it is a huge project, pay tribute to Liu gang. 2, Liu gang, introduced President XI Jinping to visit Zhongguancun refers to innovation-driven perspective that China from the elements which drive in innovation-driven, innovation-driven factor is the talent, innovation is an important source of cultural collision. Driven by innovation in China also needs good Israel entrepreneurs involved. 3, Liu thought transformation of society to an innovative society is an evolved, evolution is the inevitable result of diversity, so China will be like Israel as many SMEs small business, small business and Israel country during very large opportunity for many SMEs. These opportunities for China and Israel countries is of great significance, so initiatives support the internationalization of SMEs and of mutual exchange. 4-General shares the view of Liu gang, said it will support and facilitate the process of internationalization of small and medium enterprises, and the prospects for cooperation of blessings. Dandelion international youth Inn (Hub China) committed to the internationalization of start-ups formed alliances to form an innovative, interactive and innovative community

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