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Formed in Zhongguancun spreading entrepreneurial culture.

The afternoon of October 24, 2013, capital normal university business students visit dandelions international youth entrepreneurship Coaching Inn, detailed visit of the venture after the post office environment, enterprises, students in the Conference room to listen to a United Kingdom student Yang Zhang entrepreneurial experience, Yang Zhang himself home two years of business experience to share with my classmates carefully. Macro-strategies to finance description is full of actual combat experience. Then founder of the global Smart-dressing plant shangbin Hiroetsu Yue Zhang to college students to share his business experience in the choice of the opportunity and experiences of financing. Activities were strongly supported by Golden seeds project of Zhongguancun, two lecturers from seed engineering enterprises. Dandelion station General Manager Liu to show up more than more than 30 college students introduced dandelions Israel stage Director to visit the land of entrepreneurship suoerxinge author of 12 notes, explains the innovative character of the different environments in different countries. Micro-letter after the visit, the students are as follows: Liu and suddenly remembered the first met, he told me that I just need to do something good, I don't know, go around the circle, today heard Yang Zhang said that as long as you can do one thing, suddenly sense, now, come to think of, teachers would have handed me the keys, but I don't know. Once when the dandelions station is different from the mind, leaving very excited because when you learn a lot of things, I'm trying! Over more than 30 students were on the tour with different perception and entrepreneurial spirit into the hearts of the students, post staff are very happy hope that through this activity impact 1000 students per year, entrepreneurial students to discover and help with your own business models that match to gain access to resources. Technical innovation of entrepreneurs are mostly from college students, dandelion international youth venture post will launch a burning dream plan support students better business. Dandelion international youth Inn is committed to internationalisation with innovative and interactive characteristics of entrepreneurs gathered community, through innovative community building and community collide, influencing society towards the direction of innovation development

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