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Dandelion induced by international youth venture post letter of Tsinghua entrepreneur boot camp

Respected Tsinghua entrepreneur boot camp instructors, students, volunteers and staff good afternoon: with the strength training camp would very much like to attend the afternoon session, but just back from a business trip, a bad cold isn't better tomorrow to discuss the construction of Shenyang, Shenyang OASIS can't worry so commissioned Wang bin and we exchange our Inn. However looking at Tsinghua University training camp, camp songs, particularly excited about up out of bed, blessing for startup camp, I hope you will be able to see. I had visited in early entrepreneur camp Office, communicate with teachers, and why teachers I had proposed building a high-end entrepreneurs, the teacher replied that training camp encourages all the entrepreneurial spirit in the hope that universal basic education in entrepreneurship, is a nonprofit entrepreneurial training, I think they start this camp is worthy of respect. Today Dang I in bed Shang see with we are as under this first ordinary and great of venture spirit of songs, feels and once was as of venture spirit moved, entrepreneurs training camp is very great of, support entrepreneurs of organization in the can experience out all venture spirit of people are is as of: as of dream, and as of innovation, and as of passion, and as of solidarity, and as of insisted, key is on all entrepreneurs of support are as. Finland is the last country churches can continue to educate students, such a country of millions of people is one of the world's best national. Entrepreneur training camp found deserving of assistance to help in the current, established a threshold of many entrepreneurial services rolled out we have the same philosophy, gives fledgling entrepreneurs are growing up more hope of survival. Such organizations must be able to persevere and make contribution to society. Dandelion Inn is committed to forming international youth entrepreneurship entrepreneurs with innovative and interactive characteristics of the international community, through innovative community building and community collide, impact to the creative direction of society. We have in Israel, Beijing has constructed two station, within the next six months we will be in Shenyang, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shandong, Cambridge, London, Washington, San Francisco, 15-building stage. To reach 30 by the end of next year. Station will provide entrepreneurs build up correct concepts and rapidly expanding business opportunities provides a great deal of help. We have formulated the dandelions for ten, mainly supporting innovation and interaction of people, entrepreneur boot camp participants are welcome to join the Exchange. We will provide you with the most effort to help, we hope to follow micro-subscription number: dandelion international business park. Thank you very much!

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