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CCTV News reported dandelion international youth Inn

On November 7, 2013 CCTV news channel of the live news program, dandelion international youth entrepreneurship Inn as typical of the national job growth was reported. Dandelion international youth entrepreneurship Inn held almost every day around entrepreneurship promotion Conference, entrepreneurs Club, teacher exchanges and other activities, more than on that day, more than 20 student entrepreneurs took part in the campaign, erected a crazy alarm clock, together with rice products such as software and smart scales, if the item is selected, you can obtain government subsidies and preferential treatment. Station General Manager Liu gang said in an interview: "Beijing University students through the Bureau of supportive policies, maximum loan of funds between 1 million to 2 million, more than half of which is largely subsidized." At present, the Inn has more than 60 enterprises stay, within 2 months of the largest enterprises have resolved more than 20 people employed. Dandelion-international youth entrepreneurship and innovation, Zhongguancun station as incubators, University students, in addition to providing services, study abroad returnees and international friends providing targeted services to venture in China. Currently, the station in addition to establishing substations in other domestic provinces and cities, and overseas, providing SMEs with global service and resource integration and docking, from the larger pattern of promotion and employment

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