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Argentina youth entrepreneurs visited the dandelion international youth Inn

On November 12, 2013, the Argentina delegation of the Union of young entrepreneurs a 33-member delegation visiting dandelion international youth entrepreneurship Inn, delegation members from different sectors, involved in IT, communications, medical, advanced materials, architecture, textiles, transport and other areas. Dandelion Inn international concepts Alfonso entrepreneurs expressed full approval, and dandelion to encourage exchanges and cooperation between the international concept of Ant. Subsequently, Alfonso entrepreneurs and part of the Zhongguancun enterprises have an Exchange. Beijing Hua Chengyuan technology Tian Guoen Argentina entrepreneurs introduce the company's products, Argentina youth entrepreneurs for Hua Chengyuan Tong had a keen interest in products on the spot, have expressed intent to cooperate. Subsequent exchanges, aibonuode (Beijing) medical technology company Jie Jiangbing, MC (Beijing) technology limited and Alfonso youth entrepreneur did plenty of interaction and communication. Both entrepreneur cooperation is full of expectations for the future. Alfonso visits, is the Hub of China small and medium enterprise internationalization platform fully endorsed, dandelion international youth entrepreneurship Coaching Inn in the future will be broader cooperation with foreign companies more, and will fully support enterprises to expand overseas markets.

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