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headlines of the China Youth NET report dandelion international youth Inn

Dandelion Inn International Youth Entrepreneurship: global innovation incubator for entrepreneurs in China "stop encouraging people to an open, inclusive, positive thinking and operational impact and innovation, mutual assistance, cooperation and win-win. "" Post encouraged international exchanges and cooperation, encourage and support youth and international friends returning from China venture. "" Station encourages the culture of tolerance for failure, second startup entrepreneurs will get more respect and support.”…… This is the "Dandelion ten" parts, dandelion, Shijingshan international youth Inn (hereinafter referred to as the dandelion station) eyes the focus of convergence.An open, inclusive, collision, innovation, was the stage for creative entrepreneurial teams and new stage of international chain enterprises start-up incubation organization's core philosophy. Preparing for several months has been like "service cloud APP", "pregnancy treasure" projects, such as research and development, high enthusiasm of a dozen entrepreneurial teams entered, finishing their dream of entrepreneurship here ... ...

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