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Zhongguancun's Liaison Office in Tokyo on successful first venture seminar

2013 the 47 period (total 54)

on November 22, 2013 

【"Overseas liaison office Dynamics"】

first venture to the success seminar for the Liaison Office in Tokyo

on November 19, the Liaison Office is located in Tokyo Office successfully hosted the first phase "in the Japanese high-end talents entrepreneurship seminars". Participating in the seminar were signed up for the Challenger Mission in winter Corporation long Meng Tao, Japan Mitsubishi heat Kogyo Liu Yuanchun, Ye Xujun doctor in the medical industry, and had planned to go venture Japan Teikyo University lecturer Dr Gu Yanhong and others. This times seminar theme is how wrote commercial plans book, Tokyo contact Department according to hubchina by provides of commercial plans book writing under PPT information, and everyone common learning discussion has commercial plans overview; commercial plans book writing points; commercial plans show, several aspects elements, everyone in discussion in the gradually on market planning; financial analysis; organization team has has clear concept, have said benefited from, strengthened has on venture of understands and enthusiasm. Next, the Tokyo Liaison Office will continue to work around the topic of entrepreneurs interested in high-end talent in the form of occasional business seminar held hold out, actively explore Tokyo Liaison Office in Zhongguancun, and strive for new breakthroughs at work.

Liaison Office in Tokyo, Wang Hongyan

On November 22, 2013

(Editors: Zhang Ran attested: Li Zhilei)

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