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North China University of Technology venture students visited hubchina station

November 28, 2013 afternoon, North China University of Technology venture students visited hubchina station, after visited Office environment, and all situation, within professionals introduced hubchina venture station Israel station Director access venture of Kingdom under author SuoerXinge of 12 article notes, for different national different environment of innovation features.

Today social is challenge opportunities and opportunities coexist of social, in fierce of market competition before we always insisted to "effort paid, helpfulness, enthusiastic Thanksgiving" for target, more than 10 over students are on this visited has different of sentiment, venture spirit deep implant students of heart, station of staff are very happy, hopes through such of activities help venture of students as soon as possible exploration to and themselves gets of resources phase match of commercial model. Technical innovation of entrepreneurs are mostly from college students, hubchina programme of international youth entrepreneurship and internationalization of the station building fueled dreams main core support students better business development plans.

hubchina is committed to the international community in the interaction between innovation and entrepreneurs gathered, hubchina mentor 90 currently, nearly 200 enterprises, through the establishment of the international community and various sectors of the community to merge society to a new direction

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