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car-sharing company Directly under the central media special report

China youth net special report:young people talk about the Moon: Science and technology power China's dream

"The Moon is a feat, this feat was behind numerous technological innovations, and technology innovation is the power of human civilization development. " the young entrepreneur Coaching Inn, Beijing e-car-sharing Lei Hui said to the reporter of China Youth Network.

Has had many years of overseas study experience, eyes open: "the United States after the first moon landing, Moon's technology into civilian industry, such as frozen foods, wireless headset, and rapid progress in gaining access to civilian technology, improve the people's standard of living. "She says, started car-sharing company, used to Moon technologies – digital measurement and control technology. "The high tech innovative applied to people's daily life, for example, ease traffic congestion, reduce emissions, addressing livelihood issues such as parking problems, this is what we are doing things.

"Two bombs" to "manned" and "Lunar", Chinese people hold up the Chinese nation on its own "flying" and "Moon" dreams.

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