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Come to Hubchina

Hubchina business Inn here has a name dandelion international youth entrepreneurship Coaching Inn, as the name suggests is that an enterprise grown up here in the shortest possible time, usually an enterprise from inception to stable cycle in 3-6 months, stop the main purpose is to encourage and help small businesses to sharpen and mature. Traditional incubators are government resources and policy support is very large, generally only accept registered company no incubator system, so-called preincubation entrepreneurs before the company formally established through entrepreneurship education, establish the correct entrepreneurial perspective, suitable experience accumulated to form a network ", in the hubchina business Inn can help entrepreneurs succeed in business, entrepreneurial team where you can enjoy the many resources. For example, mentor, Senior courses, VC investors, most of them with decades of success and experience, using ten hours of lecture time for entrepreneurs, trainers and business exchanges, project promotion, organization of entrepreneurs visit companies such as Huawei, Microsoft, namely to help entrepreneurs expand contacts, accumulating entrepreneurial experience, and so on.

Established Coaching Inn has helped enterprises financing interest millions of Yuan, in here encourages everyone open, inclusive, active for thought and business of collision and innovation, mutual grants, cooperation for win-win results, encourages international entrepreneurs Exchange and cooperation, encourages and support returned youth and international friends to China venture , II times venture home will get more of respecting and support......

Hubchina members comes from different sectors, involving IT, communications, medical, material and construction textiles, transport and other areas, carries huge opportunities here, and have access to many resources, team here ready for docking and other exchanges, which is priceless for entrepreneurs. Post future developments is building this model in 50 cities across the country within 3 months of delivery team, this station can support 5,000 domestic team each year flows, the current station and Cambridge, London, Washington and Israel, Tokyo, Taiwan and other areas set up contact window.

Beijing Kang Yuanke Trade Ltd Zhao Qi said: "in the entrepreneurial stage held a promotion, every day to communicate face-to-face with venture firms. When his team to design a software includes auto parts factory accessories manufacturing error, delivery and a series of content, creative good promotion prevailed voted to ask a few questions, if we were to use the software, that how much error rate of the device to be able to reduce? the result was dumbfounded by Zhao Qi, although the idea is good, but he had never worked out. " While project financing no success but Mister’s words has bright Zhao Qi venture road, Later attention many projects that he did consider from a business perspective, by the numbers, make your idea more convincing, after two months of adjustment and the fighting finally getting my first opportunity, although the process is more difficult, but the results make him full of anticipation.

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