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Beijing talent Check Research Group to Shijingshan Ivy high-end talent agglomeration research

December 24 Beijing talent examination research group of municipal party Committee Organization Department Deputy Xu Yuanyuan, Director of talent led the line of 5 people in the Shijingshan District Committee Organization Department and Zhongguancun Shijingshan Park accompanied by the leaders to the Shijingshan Ivy talents cluster research. Area director Liu gang described the development of clusters and innovative service models, QA team fully affirmed the Ivy international exploration and development based on social network theory and business mentors to serve high-end talent, assist and guide the innovation of service mode of enterprise development. Ivy area now has over more than 80, including Chen Datong, Xu xiaoping, Yang Ning, prominent venture capitalists listed firms partner, mentor team composed of experts in the field of entrepreneurship, they provide business guidance to enterprises, venture capital, and to assist them in developing social networks. Research Group on area for exploration of international business services was particularly appreciated, gathered districts are now introducing international mentors and multinational business services for resource sharing connection, Ivy in multinational enterprises can enjoy the same as domestic business environment and service.

Research Group focused on a tour of Beijing Hua Wei Zhong XING technology, EduoAuto (Beijing) technology and PICOOC (Beijing) technology, detailed knowledge of their characteristics and details of the project were asked about their needs. Research Group of Hua Wei Corporation welding robot of technology advancement, and encouraged him to actively market development. Team leader for EduoAuto (Beijing) technology rental very interested in the social benefits of the project, saying it is solve the issue of official cars and excellent solution for green travel. Research Group also enjoyed taking a watch PICOOC smart bathroom scale shows, and more about the intelligent health scale detection of blood lipid and other indicators of how it works, when you know how smart health scale test results and clinical test results are extremely close, for their professionalism and good combination of fashion products gave a full affirmation.

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