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Winter activities for the public good thinking Entrepreneurs Social Responsibility

Today China pass by university academy student apartments, coincides with the students organization warm public welfare activities "cloud plan", to establish long-term education base in the mountains, as far as we can, "clouds" to call for moreattention in backward mountainous areas of basic education and the healthy growth of children in action. A donor site, students good enthusiasm to melt the cold of winter, as dandelion, we will be one's unshirkable responsibility.Maybe we can not change the mud, can not change the low room, but we can donate a book, send a love; give a pen, leaving a feeling; love, hold up a mountainof hope for children.Remember Craig Holzer in "responsible entrepreneurs" in say: entrepreneurs areresponsible, to friends, business partners and social responsibility. "That is to say,the entrepreneur is not only a social innovator, is maintains the relationship between social responsibility and credit, and committed to improving the social."This is not advocated we dandelion in ten: the entrepreneur should have social responsibility and moral good, positive contributions to the development of localsociety.Social welfare activities, with a sense of social responsibility of corporate culturecomplement each other's activities. An enterprise may associate with such activities, become active promoters, his staff would feel proud for this action. The pursuit of excellence, beyond the self, contributing to society consciousness will also influence character by environment into the corporate culture, so as to enrich the connotation of enterprise culture, fully embodies the "rich source, rich thinks"thought, eventually become a powerful force in the development of enterprises.The needs of the times spirit of entrepreneur, dandelion post welcome innovative,adventure, perseverance, dedication, honesty, cooperation spirit entrepreneurssettled, with a sense of social responsibility of entrepreneurs will receive the greatest respect around here..

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