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human resources and Social Security Bureau survey hubchina

Shijingshan human social security center Party branch secretary Chen Aijie introduced the background of the establishment of the entrepreneurial base operation mode and government support. The base for the fully affirmed the human resources and Social Security Bureau for more than half a year region on the base support, through the exploration and practice, the base has formed a "three key, pre-incubation model four services" to promote the rapid development of enterprises, the graduates. Haidian District Fengtai District leadership fully affirmed the development base on "government enterprise combination, innovation and the mode of cooperation" is particularly appreciated. Base year series of 20 colleges and universities, training thousands of students, let the entrepreneurship education deeply into the campus. Currently the region composed of hundreds of entrepreneurs entrepreneurship team, to students and provide business guidance, risk investment and assist in the development of social network.Then the start-up difficulties and how to give effective policy support discussed, involving entrepreneurs registration, tax, credit, insurance and business failure in all aspects of financial support. When discussing the "funds are college students lack most resources", the discussion more enthusiastic, base responsible person said:" business must comply with the rules of college students entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial head three lack: ability, experience, social network. Money is lacking but not the lack of money, blind to the misleading blind college students entrepreneurship." Get the leaders agree. Government support is very important, to establish a good business environment, believe that today's seminar for the future development of how to support entrepreneurship policy has made a good start, entrepreneurship has come the spring, let us join hands, together!

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