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hubchina sponsored the Cambridge Federation Gala

Local time on February 2, 2014 (Sunday) at 7:30, Cambridge China StudentAssociation (referred to as the Cambridge Federation) Jia Wu horse show at the University of Cambridge's biggest music hall is held ceremoniously. As a gold sponsor party, dandelion International Youth Entrepreneurship Inn provides maximum support and encouragement for the student, but also to truly feel behindCambridge students send out the youth and hard to breath.This is the Cambridge spring in tenth years. This year's Spring Festival evening to"sail", "growth", "struggle" and "Chinese dream" four chapters, thousands ofstudents to a gathering of many people, with a variety of talent shows, salute toyouth and Chinese dream. To attend the evening guests included in the UKembassy China counsellor, Cambridge City Council member and vice mayor of Cambridge City, also got many Cambridge alumni and Chinese Star Telegram,obtained many mainstream media reports eagerly.This is dandelion International Youth Entrepreneurship post second times toparticipate in the Cambridge gold sponsor of the association of Spring Festival Gala, and dandelion theme this year advocate the concept is very fit. In addition to the pre support, dandelion also carefully printed 1000 copies of the exquisitegreeting postcards in the field distribution, and recorded the blessing video playback in the party.Dandelion and Cambridge Federation has established a good and stable relationsof cooperation in the previous. In 2014, the two sides will also launch a series ofdiverse strong cooperation. Dandelion hope that through this form, transfer thebusiness concept and method to correct more Cambridge students and all thedreams of young people, to help them realize their ideals, to create greater value.

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