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In 50 universities in Beijing more than 100 entrepreneurs gathered HubChina

The weekend is to work one day for rest. On weekends, but business owners running day.

Today the hubchina welcomed the visit and learning more than 50 universities Qinghua, Beijing University, Beijing Technology and Business University, such as more than 100businesses, these plans are entrepreneurs entrepreneurship and above 90% students are after 90! Zhongguancun university students practical training activities is the Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee and Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the Communist Youth League Beijing Committee jointly launched, commissioned by the Beijing Education Training Center specific implementation, and hubchina is the last station.

Hubchina Mainly focus on two aspects of providing professional training to entrepreneurship, and conducted in-depth exchanges and entrepreneurship team, to help the team to deepen the understanding of entrepreneurship courses.

HubChina founder Mr. Liu Gang in the light of its own business circles for years, experience, understanding of the business and their own feelings, to student entrepreneurs do "sense of social responsibility of entrepreneurs" speech, put forward four advice to prepare for college students:

• students have the correct values is the fundamental;

• entrepreneurs real mission is the innovation spirit of innovation, failure is the best;

• is the touchstone of team into a habit;

• treat team, treat employees, shareholders, to treat the social;

In every advice said a small story, make people better understand the responsibility of entrepreneurs, and special for everyone to write an article "person in charge of the entrepreneur" gave each to entrepreneurs.

Then Vice President Hub China Ms HePing entrepreneurs ready "entrepreneurial companies on how to obtain financing" curriculum system, to help entrepreneurs learn about financing things, introduced the history of the development of angel investment, investment industry characteristics, angel investment type and size as well as investment faction representatives investment characteristics etc.. During the class frequently interactive, targeted for college students and points out the key problems of venture capital financing.

Training class, Mr. Liu Gang, Ms.HePing and entrepreneurial team conducted in-depth exchanges, understanding of entrepreneurial difficulties and puts forward the guidance and recommendations. Because the activity is warm, the entire event ended later than planned for more than 1 hours, HubChina founder Mr. Liu Gang promised, the follow-up will provide more learning opportunities for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial counseling, career guidance and business resources to support students entrepreneurial team.

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hubchina is an effective incubation service aims to provide for entrepreneurs to international chain organization. Through the provision of specialized entrepreneurial services and rich social resources to help entrepreneurs to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. hubchina welcome entrepreneurs to post exchange, communication, be settled down. Also welcome to business friends to join us! Post address: Beijing city Shijingshan District Yuquan building 4 layer

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