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Professor Li Jinhong Comments the Idea Party

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Today, I attended the Idea Party Digital Media contest hosted in North China University of Technology and got shocked by students’ ability in digital media. Recalling the development of digital media in North China University of Technology in the past few years, I was deeply moved by the persistent spirit of Professor Li Jinhong. Such spirit should be respected by us entrepreneurs. Inspired by Professor Li and this contest, I am eager to compose this article to share with you.

1. Professor Li Jinhong

Li Jinhong, a professor in North China University of Technology, academic leader in computer, dean of knowledge engineering center, enjoying state special allowance

Professor Li founded an annual student-grant aiming at students from North China University of Technology who are poverty-stricken. So far, hundreds of students have benefited from this fund. Zhuoli, the name of this fund, named by Professor Li, means standing out. He hopes that modern college students, in social development, could stand out and achieve their goals.

Since 2005, Professor Li wholly sponsored “the Idea Party Original Projects of North China University of Technology” annually. To encourage and support students to engage in extracurricular science and technology activities, he has donated more than 100,000 RMB which puts what students learn to practice. What’s more, standard of the 9th Idea Party advances a lot than that of the 1st one.

2. Function of incubator could not be perfected in one year

I am an audience of all the Idea Parties, altogether 9 years. Last year, I noticed that competitors’ projects had reached a high level. Well in 2014 Idea Party, I was astonished to see that their abilities had gone beyond my imagine in both aspects of ideas and technology.To some extent, I witnessed the growth of digital media. When Teacher Guangzi graduated, there were few people knew this major. Through these years accumulation of such knowledge, even sophomores have mastered amazing technology which proves that teachers in this field have devoted a lot.

Incubators are locales where entrepreneurs grow up and sites where practical entrepreneurship experiences clash. A saying goes like: it takes a hundred years to educate the people. So does an incubator. A young incubator could hardly make an enterprise get IPO within just one year while a mature incubator shows great power in its incubated enterprises’ experiences gathered in failure and innovative potentials. If both staff with incubator and enterprises incubated are weak, it is hard to evaluate our value through a certain great incubated one. We always appreciate the models of foreign incubators and ignore efforts made by domestic people who have been developing this career from the very start. They were devoted to this industry for decades and have achieved great success which gains respect even from Americans. Professor Luo Jianbei is one of them and I respect him a lot. To make Chinese incubators competitive internationally, a batch of craftsmen, like Professor Luo Jianbei and Li Jinhong are in need. Meanwhile, I bet that people who want to get profit from incubators will hardly get what they want.

3. Numerous small-sized entrepreneurship contests mean much more than a single big-sized

Last week, I witnessed an entrepreneur who tried her best to win the first place in a provincial entrepreneurship contest in order to get an award from local government. Moved by her persistence, I tried what I could do to assist. Unfortunately, she failed. Indeed, many entrepreneurs have treated entrepreneurship contests as a bridge to get loans. The fact is that only the first three could get what they want while the other participants get nothing. This is terrible.

Recently, I played as one of the judges in The Start-up conducted by Nanjing TV station. Each time, the champion is not the one in my mind. But it does not matter. The advice offered by judges values more than ranking. So, I think that the first target of entrepreneurship contests should be guiding entrepreneurs and the more guides from more mentors the better.

As to Idea Party, every year, thousands of students get affected by fund 10,000 to 20,000 RMB. All students could get tutored from mentors through the whole contest and all their projects would be compared with each other. The contest process is also a mentoring process. What’s more, the contestants could show up what they have achieved.

To boost entrepreneurship, more and more such domestic contests have emerged. As to the funds, it ranges from one million to ten millions or above. For the Idea Party, the fund from the 1st to the 9th added together could hardly reach 1% of them. Those contests are poor in guiding because of the large number of judges who are not such qualified. So many entrepreneurs hesitate to participate. In this case, participants could only be gathered by executive methods. This is so bad! Imaging that we got this ten million, we would be able to mentor 900,000 students or entrepreneurs via 900 Idea Parties. Will those contest organizers feel sorry about this?

Nowadays, when Internet is so popular, craftsmanship is not without value. On the contrast, when all craftsmen get knowing about Internet, they, with persistence and universal spirit, will be admitted by society. Professor Li is one of such craftsmen. Please allow me show my sincere respect to Professor Li and Luo via this article!

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