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Probe Development Way for Youth Entrepreneur Association --- An Interview of Hubbd Director Liu

On 26th October, members with Youth Entrepreneur Association (YEA) from Capital Normal University visited Hub China in Beijing and interviewed Mr. Liu Gang, CEO of Hub China and Director of Hubbd.

1. Why does Hub China boost the youth to create ventures?

Liu Gang: college students, the most vigorous group of the youth, possess both precious knowledge and limitless creativeness. Cultivating and assisting them to create ventures which adopt human resources, so that ventures could could make employment.

2. What values should youth entrepreneurs should hold?

Liu Gang: first, youth entrepreneurs should be with entrepreneurial spirits in the same direction of national development. So far, almost all entrepreneurs are motivated by money. But this motivation couldn’t guarantee long-term profits. A venture also needs to be supported by morality and righteousness. To create ventures with morality, you may hardly make profits in a short-term period. Anyway, in future, it will grow big and powerful. In this way, as modern entrepreneurs, you need not hunt for immediate success and profits but insist on serving the society. Sooner or later, success will come to you.

3. How could the YEA operate?

Liu Gang: YEA, as a students’ association, is influential to college students in respect of entrepreneur. First, YEA should stick to correct values and value orientation that the aim of venture creation is to undertake meaningful deeds towards society but not money or benefits. Second, YEA should encourage entrepreneurial spirits, emotion and atmosphere to carry forward and spread positive energy to influence college students. Third, based on the big platform, Capital Normal University, YEA has access to abundant educational resources with which you could research university culture deeply and explore the appropriate paths for students with normal major.

4. What function could YEA make for college students’ venture creation?

Liu Gang: associations are powerful organizations among college students, especially YEA. They play a great role in promoting college students’ venture creation. Associations act as a locale to spread what’s correct and teach knowledge and experience. To spread what’s correct, associations need to hold correct value orientations and create entrepreneurial atmosphere to make kind of entrepreneurial culture before connecting with outside and establish powerful social network. To teach knowledge and experience, associations are obliged to present lectures to show practical entrepreneurial experiences. YEA may behave as a bridge between students and knowledge or experiences besides discovering great venture projects in terms of searching helpful social resources.

5. Where could we see the influence power made by YEA?

Liu Gang: association members mush hold the common values and value orientations, that is, to undertake deeds meaningful to society. In this way, students could make people devoted to society. What’s more, associations could organize some influential activities to advertise university and promote its brand awareness. After this, donates may come. With these resources, you will be able to provide alumni to create ventures.

6. How to collect resources to support alumni’s venture creation?

Liu Gang: there are many kinds of social resources. As for resources on campus, alumni are an important one. Contact alumni who are successful in entrepreneur and organize TED salons or lectures to provide a platform for experience presenting and sharing. By way of this, alumni mentors could be available which are not only charitable, but also attractive to campus entrepreneur. What’s more, via this alumni network, a culture atmosphere featured students create ventures which are alumni assisting.

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