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A Zhongguancun Golden Seed Company Headlined CCTV Network News Broadcast

January 4, 2015, the headline of CCTV Network News Broadcast’s program, China on the Way--Successful Stories, is A Zhongguancun Startup Survived from Fragile Ice Surface, which reported a portfolio company of Zhongguancun Golden Seed Project, PalmGame’s development process and the support from Golden Seed Project.

The report described CEO of PalmGame, Duan Lijun’s entrepreneurial process, early-stage fiscal trouble and strategy puzzle. In that stage, he got 200,000 RMB through Golden Seed Project, which holds a policy that aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. After that, PalmGames raised several millions and develops rapidly.

Based on Shibaiqian Project (ten hundred thousand project) and Gazelle Project, Zhongguancun Administration Commission established Golden Seed Project to support startups. Till 2014, Golden Seed Project has covered 297 Golden Seed Companies, over 80 mentors, 60 plus VC and more than 100 incubators, and organized over 30 fundraising introduction, inter-companies meetings, industrial meetings and virtual Board of Directors, which are very helpful to Golden Seed companies. In 2014, more than 60 Golden Seed startups raised fund over 1 billion RMB altogether. Through the whole 3 years, over 160 companies raised almost 3 billion RMB totally.

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