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Entrepreneurship Exchange in Hebei University


March 25, 2015, in Room 103, A4 Building, Industrial and Commercial College, Hebei University, an exchange focused on entrepreneurship was held among startups and students on campus. Co-arranged by College Students' Career Development Institute and Hubbd, there were mainly 3 parts of this interaction. Firstly, Winter Zhao, the Station Manager of Hubbd, introduced the basic sectors of entrepreneurship, the advantages of college students and the service and support Hubbd could provide. Secondly, companies from Hubbd stated their own stories respectively, showing their tears and sweat. But from their smile, spectators could sense that entrepreneurship is worth trying. Otherwise, for some of them, they would regret some years later. Thirdly, the Q&A part came. As those startup founders and spectators all studied or are studying in Hebei University, they have much more in common. Questions were about how to make up one's mind to start a startup, how to operate a startup and so on.

It turned out this kind of interaction is beneficial for both startups and students. If you are interested in this activity, feel free to contact us at


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