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Hebei University Entrepreneurship Elite Class Began


After several months’ preparation, Hebei University Entrepreneurship elite class began in Hebei University on April 10, 2015. The attendees included government officials like Yang Lihai, Party Committee Standing Committee member of Hebei University, Zhang Chi, Deputy Secretary General of Baoding Municipal Government and Director of Baoding Municipal University Office, mentors of this course, like Luo Jianbei, Professor of Tsinghua University, Xu Ming, CTO of Cheetah Mobile, Liu Gang, General Manager of Beijing Ivy Entrepreneurship Park, Chai Yazhou, Deputy Secretary of Zhongguancun Shijingshan Park, Wu Xiaoyu, cofounder of Dandelion Entrepreneur Education Studio, Piao Shuyu, consultant of Dandelion Entrepreneur Education Studio, professors of Hebei University and entrepreneurship elites with this class.

This class is unique in Hebei Province, China, at least, till now. To make entrepreneurship education more colorful, explore new model of entrepreneur education and introduce enterprises’ participation and evaluation, Hebei University and Dandelion Entrepreneur Education Studio co-developed a series of entrepreneurial courses for students of Hebei University.

In December 2014, we initiated mentor hunting and student recruitment. As to mentors, we prefer both professional entrepreneur teachers and startup founders which, we believe, could help cultivate talents with innovative and entrepreneur ability. As to students, regardless of major, grade or gender, as far as they are able to manage their major courses and interested in entrepreneurship, they could apply.

So far, five mentors have stepped onto platform. We believe that at the end of this course, maybe even earlier, students may provide us with surprises. Let’s wait and see!

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