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The Only National Model Worker in Entrepreneurial Field: Mike Liu


Who is Mike Liu?

You want to know who Mike Liu is? He is the founder of Hub China, that is, Dandelion International Youth Entrepreneur Station.

How does he distinguish himself? By taking 1 seat out of 2968 in 2015 national model workers, the highest honor in China granted by Chinese Communist Party together with the State Council, as the only one in field of maker space.

Well, it is not easy to become a national model worker.

Mike Liu has been devoted to entrepreneur guidance and entrepreneurship research for more than ten years. Besides being responsible for Hub China, he is the director of Ivy Entrepreneurship Research Center, general manager of Zhongguancun Science Park Shijingshan Park’s Overseas Student Entrepreneur Park and Youth Entrepreneur Park, general secretary of Zhongguancun Golden Seed Project Commission and, general manager of Beijing Shijingshan Graduate Entrepreneur Base.

Since 2006, he has assisted more than 700 startups in terms of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, in 2011, Hub China was titled Zhongguancun Innovative Incubator. In January 2014, it became one of the state-level incubators admitted by Ministry of Science and got awarded the National Pioneer Worker. Because of Mike’s achievement in innovation and entrepreneur, he got granted Beijing Model Worker, Shijingshan District Top 10 Outstanding Young Man and 2013 Touch Shijingshan figure. In 2015, he was bestowed “National Model Worker” in the May Day national model worker and pioneer worker commendation meeting chaired by President Xi Jinping.

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