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Shijingshan Entrepreneur Park


In September, 2006, guided by nation’s innovation-driven macro-strategy, Mike Liu established Zhongguancun Digital Entertainment Entrepreneur Park for Overseas Students after analyzing and studying startups’ development laws. With the park’s steady development, step by step, Mike has set up an entrepreneur service system for overseas students featured experienced mentors.

So far, because of its special service pattern, Shijingshan Overseas Returnee Entrepreneur Park has become the first choice for overseas returnees who are keen on cultural creative industry. By the end of 2014, over 100 personnel have joined this park, including 25 with doctor’s degree, 76 with master’s degree and 2 visiting scholars. Among them, 15 have got admitted by Beijing Overseas High-level Talent Assembling Project. All these entrepreneur talents gathered here will do good to make Shijingshan District a talent power.

At the same time, Mike Liu established a calling center for overseas returnees inside this overseas returnee park, which provides one-stop entrepreneurial consultancy service, including preparing and evaluating entrepreneur plans, listing entrepreneurial policies from all provinces and cities, making market research and offering executive service like company registration and so on.

As time goes on, a comparatively complete entrepreneurial service system for overseas returnees with Shijingshan District’s own features has got available. What’s more, because of its outstanding comprehensive management capacity, this park became the top 14 Beijing municipal entrepreneur parks in 2011.

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