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Officials from the Communist Young League and Municipal Government Came to Hubbd


In the afternoon of June 19, 2015, Guo Jingkun, Secretary of the Communist Young League of Hebei Province, Yang Meng, Deputy Mayor of Baoding and Liu Dan, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Young League of Baoding, stepped into Hubbd, the branch station of Hub China which is located in Baoding, to know about Hubbd.

Ms. Qi, in charge of social connection, showed what Hubbd had achieved in entrepreneurial education and activities as well as the development its portfolio companies had made. She also expressed deep thanks for the assistance provided by governments at different levels. What’s more, Hubbd would still stick to fostering entrepreneurs with social responsibility, which is one of Hub China’s core values.

Secretary Guo affirmed Hubbd’s performance and showed highly appreciation for fostering entrepreneurs with social responsibility.

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