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About Entrepreneurship,Have Something to Say

(Ⅰ)A good enterprise should have social responsibility

‘‘The Entrepreneur must have the correct values. If only for the purpose of making money, it is easy to lose the business goal and motivation.’’ According to the problem of what is the most important factor about entrepreneurship, the founder of Hubchina, Mike Liu emphasized this point.

‘‘When I talked with young entrepreneurs or gave the lecture for college students, the first thing that I want to emphasize is to build correct values—the good enterprises should be provided with social responsibility and innovation.’’ Successful entrepreneurs should help to solve social problems, create value for society, not just for sales,’’ Mike Liu said.

《Uncles and Aunts, why the entrepreneur tell a lie》——At the beginning of month,the article published by post-90 students Chenghui Wen caused a large number of reprints on the Internet. ‘‘The composition is quite good.’’ Mike Liu said: this article is real to reveal the current chaos in business circles: in order to catch the eye, not only exaggerate the financing amount , but also there is fraud about their own operational data. The tendency toward boasting and exaggeration should not exist.’’

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