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About Entrepreneurship,Have Something to Say

(Ⅱ)Entrepreneurial experience is very important for successful business.

‘‘If you want to have a successful business, not only to have a good project, and the practical experience is also very important.’’ This is a pertinent suggestion from Mike Liu for entrepreneurs.

‘‘The choice of the project is very important. Like I said before, if you can take social responsibility and do helpful project, the more chances of success you have.’’ Base on this concept, Mike Liu agreed with the Beijing Qingguo workshop co., LTD of Kongfu bear project. Many white-collar workers, especially some executives, they are very busy all day long, lack of exercise, the body always is in a status of sub-health. Traditional Chinese medicine massage is helpful to improve their condition. Mike Liu think that the startup project is the match of "new opportunities and old opportunity’’. It is important to find the direction for entrepreneurship.

Combining with his many years of entrepreneurial experience, Mike Liu said: ‘‘The level of knowledge hasn't a certain relation with successful entrepreneurship. But on the premise of necessary qualities and basic knowledge, entrepreneurial experience is very important factor for successful business.

Entrepreneurs are better to build a large social network. Entrepreneurs should take the product of research and development, supply, sales into consideration, and contact the department of taxation, commerce, and many other related departments. It is easier to open the market if you enjoy the wider social networks.

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