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Hubchina Was Invitied to attend a Closing Ceremony at Science Festival in Shandong Province

On December 16, the eighth science festival of university students in Shandong province closing ceremony was held in Academy of technology of Shandong,multiple winners were presented the prizes in the closing ceremony. Mike Liu, the founder of Hubchina, was invited to attend the closing ceremony and made the entrepreneurship guidance.

The closing ceremony review the history of the university students' science festival in the form of video, 65 excellent makers, 74 outstanding scientific and technological innovation mentors were presented the prizes.

In addition, the outstanding representative of organizational units, university students, innovation mentors in the science festival represented the typical speech respectively. The founder of Hubchina, Liu gave a presentation titled "global entrepreneurial talent training".

As the researchers explain, the science festival was held by the association for Shandong science and technology, party committee in Shandong colleges and universities, the communist party of China, the communist youth league committee of Shandong province, development and reform commission, economic and information commission and Shandong province education department. It includes 39 games activities and more than 36000 students, nearly 10000 winners, covering all the universities in the Shandong province.

Mike Liu gave a presentation titled "global entrepreneurial talent training".

The science festival actively explore to build the platform for education and industry, university and enterprise to cultivate applied talents , adhere to the problem and demand guidance, to cultivate the students' innovation spirit and practice ability. In recent years, there were over 300 enterprises directly attended in the events, nearly 3000 award-winning students employed by enterprises preferred.

In order to response to encourage people to start their own businesses and to make innovations and the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education into talent training, this science festival are more integrated into the creative and entrepreneurial elements, and held a total of more than 70 times of innovation entrepreneurship tour.

Chun-qiu Wang, vice President of association for science and technology of Shandong province party secretary, deputy director of provincial education department of Jianlei Guo, group provincial party committee member of the party group, the disciplinary inspection group leader Ning Xie, provincial party committee in colleges and universities of Xintang Liu, secretary of the party committee of Shandong university of art and design, Qingsi He, Lusheng Pan , vice secretary of party committee, the dean of Xinfeng Pei, and deputy dean of Dengyu Miao attended the closing ceremony and present the prizes.

The host units of science festival, the event organizer, the representative of the organizational unit, as well as the student representatives, award-winning students and teachers on behalf of a total of more than 400 people attended the closing ceremony.

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