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Quantum Chip Animation Showed in the CCTV News

After launching the world's first quantum communications satellite at Jiuquan satellite launch center on August 16, 2016. Chinese scientists had another new breakthrough: University of Science and Technology of China, Key Lab of Quantum Information developed semiconductor quantum chip and storage successfully. The enterprise registered in the Hubchina, Beijing Zhongke color animation technology Co. LTD was invited to make a video of quantum chip animation for University of Science and Technology of China, Lab of Quantum Information, and also showed in the CCTV news.

Quantum chip is equivalent to the brain of quantum computer in the future, quantum computer can realize the logic operation and information processing after developed successful. Quantum storage helps to realize the quantum state of quantum information transmission at great distances. Although the world's first computer was created in the United States, an overturning of conventional calculation of quantum computer, it is likely to be labeled‘made in China’. So far, it is strictly proved to be unconditional secure communication manner, quantum communication technology in the application in the field of finance, military and government affairs received wide attention from all over the world.

Beijing Zhongke color animation technology Co. LTD was established in 2015, it is located in the Yuquan building, Shijingshan district of Beijing. The founder is a PhD student who graduated from Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It focus on scientific visualization, animation film and VR. At present, it mainly concentrates on video production, animation series production, VR/AR, SCI and cartographic training. It’s the leading provider about overall solution of scientific visualization.

The company won the first prize of mobile creation and integration of innovation, which it comes from China Association for Science and Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was called China excellent team of science in 2015 and 2016, and won a bid of projects of virtual reality science and technology museum construction in China Science and Technology Museum. What is worth cherishing is that Beijing Zhongke color animation technology Co. LTD enjoys the advantage of content, channel and platform. It has established a long-term cooperative relationship with the Chinese academy of sciences and domestic well-known colleges and universities. Company designed more than one hundred works that have been published in the international famous journal, such as Science, Cell, Nature Physics, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communication, Adv. Mater. This reflects the outstanding strength and international recognition on scientific research drawing of the company. Besides, the company also accept the project of academic atmosphere construction in Yanxi lake campus, College of Chemistry building of UCAS. The company also has the training of scientific research drawing regularly and initiates many researchers into the most necessary drawing skill. At present, the students accumulated more than one hundred people.

Beijing Zhongke color animation technology Co. LTD aspires to be the "Chinese version of the NASA", it will popularize and visualize high-end scientific research resources in China, and make a TV show as "scientific version of the Running Man" .

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