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In those years, We Rubbed Shoulders With Entrepreneurial Helpful Person

On July 14, 2016, Hub China invited the team of Renren to gave a business interpretation for entrepreneurs, on the entrepreneurial way, the relationship between those you have to take into account.

The co-founder, investors and the core staff become the three important factors of venture company. How to deal with the relationship between the helpful person is the key to do a bigger and stronger venture company.

In the way of business, if founder can solve the problem of equity allocation and the strategies, the company can enjoy the advantage of teamwork.

Huang also gave a deeply interpretation of three captial: Autohome, South Beauty and Vanke. she helps to clarify the most important relationship on the road of entrepreneurship for all entrepreneurs, to deal with the most important people.

The lawyer, Ying, Huang had closer communication with Mr. Gu and Mr. Lee respectively in Hub China, to help enterprises to analyze the problem and give guidances during the sharing meeting.

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