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‘Internet+Home’ Make the Traditional Business Looks Like a Duck to Water

Internet and Home Make the Traditional Business Looks Like a Duck to Water. 'Internet+' has a new field.

On 16th June, 2016, Pioneer Park of Fun Hill and Hub China invited the internet marketing expert Tieshan, Lei, and gave a lecture named ‘Internet+Home— Network Marketing'. More than 80 people from the Shengtong household square of Fun Hill attended this lecture.

Mr.Lei shared a rich knowledge of Internet marketing and skills with us. How to make a strong desire for network marketing to urge the consumer to purchase? How to create an automatic marketing website with a minimal monetary investment? What kind of Internet advertising should be used with highest cost-effective? How to promote the household products at the lowest cost? Mr. Lei gave a detailed answer of the problems in the lecture. All of the audience benefited greatly by- attending this lecture. Some of audience communicated with Mr. Lei for a long time after the lecture.

This lecture is series of traditional household business Internet marketing courses of the first lecture.

This series of course are specially designed for businessmen of Shengtong household square which are designed by Pioneer Park of Fun Hill and Hub China, to help all businesses understand traditional household age of the Internet new methods and open new markets for household.

This lecture achieved full success, it will followed by second lecture of series of courses. Be patient with the wait!

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