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(Ⅲ)It Is Necessary to Form the Atmosphere to Tolerance Failure If You Start Your Own Business.

There are many examples of startup failures in the University Student Start-up Base, we will never push them out of the base. We will help them to find new projects and search for special businesses, we should stay inclusive for failure. As a leader of entrepreneurship, Mike Liu always insists on this belief. We will continue to provide support and help for these company.

Not long ago, Beijing Qingmi science and technology co., LTD was invited by the university student start-up base to attend the enterprise fraternity, to help three company that have been in period of sluggish to connect with other company for business resource. Currently, Qingmi is cooperating with MIUI company for the project of smart platooninsert. One company focus on activities and market development in the top colleges and universities.; One company focus on mobile Internet applications research and development and provide technical consultation and service solutions; Another one mainly focus on the development of technology industry in software and hardware , customization, sales and service, etc. It makes full use of the Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of things, such as technology, to provide professional information management solutions and services for enterprise customers. It also helps enterprises to improve the overall management level. There three companies have reached an intention of cooperation now after help of the start-up base.

‘We should keep a positive attitude towards failure, the experience of previous failure would be the lessons for the posterity. We should learn how to start a business, how to summarize and how to face the risk objectively’, Mike Liu said.

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