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The Ten Principles of Hub China apply to Hub China’s staff, entrepreneurs incubated and their staff. Through those principles, we expect to build a powerful social network which respects entrepreneurial spirit. What’s more, with the development of this network, both Hub China and its incubated enterprises could grow at the same time and become beneficial to social innovation.

1. Entrepreneurs with innovation, adventure, persistence, honest, and collaboration are welcome here.

2. Openness and tolerance, collision in ideas and business, mutual help, co-work and win-win is encouraged.

3. Successful entrepreneur mentors are respected sincerely and humbly.

4. Success never comes easily. Entrepreneurs and their staff are encouraged to keep in passion and hard work.

5. International communication and cooperation is encourage. Returned students and overseas entrepreneurs are supported to venture in China. SMEs are encouraged to go abroad. Entrepreneurs with different nationalities receive the same respect.

6. Constant physical exercise is necessary to keep the team in health and energy.

7. Failure is tolerated and entrepreneurs of second venture are provided with more respect and support.

8. Spirit of the Long March is encouraged among all entrepreneurs and employees. Recognize the importance of immediate action and persistence. Just do it no matter there is good condition or not.

9. Be detail-oriented and down to earth. Quick success and opportunism is not recommended.

10. Startups are encouraged to contribute to the development of local society with their social responsibility and moral sense.

Ten Principles of Hub China

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